Choosing the Right Association Management Company: The Factors to Consider in Phoenix

Choosing the Right Association Management Company: The Factors to Consider in Phoenix

Did you know that there are nearly 200 full-service association management companies in the US? These companies help more than 3,000 associations better manage and engage their collective 2.8 million members.

But if you need help running your community association, that number may seem overwhelming. How can you ever find the best fit for your needs with so many options to choose from?

We are here to make your search for the right association manager easier. This guide will detail some of the top questions to ask and the qualities to prioritize before selecting a community management company.

Read on to learn more about the services to look for and other factors to consider before signing an association management agreement.

The Right HOA Management Services

Before you start hunting for an association management company, ensure they offer the services you need. That will differ depending on whether your association oversees homes, condos, cooperatives, or something else.

Some of the more common residential management services you might require include financial and event management. You may also benefit from membership management services.

Turnkey community management companies encompass all the services needed to completely offload your day-to-day tasks. In addition to the above, turnkey service providers may help with member recruitment, technology, and more.

The Number of Clients in Its Portfolio

Always ask an association management company how many associations it works with before signing the contract. The size of the company's portfolio should be on par with the number of managers it employs.

Working with a busy association management company may mean you get less attention. Ensure you will be able to get in touch with your association manager quickly and via many different contact methods.

Larger companies are generally the better way to go for this reason. They employ more managers and have access to a greater amount of resources to offer the best possible services.

The Company's Experience and Track Record

Working with a more established association management company has many benefits. For one, you can be sure the company will be around for as long as you need its services.

A more experienced company has also had plenty of time to figure out what works and what doesn't. They may have plenty of backup support contacts to support you during emergencies. Or they may have greater expertise.

The number of years in business is not the only indicator of experience. Ask for references, and speak to the HOA management company's current and former clients who can attest to its expertise.

Association Management Companies in Phoenix

There are so many association management companies out there. Finding the best fit for your association requires understanding the services you need and identifying companies with the time and experience to deliver them successfully.

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