The Role of an Association Manager: Key Responsibilities and Skills

The Role of an Association Manager: Key Responsibilities and Skills

Did you know that 875,000 Arizona homes are part of an HOA community? That comes out to 31.1%-or nearly one-third of the state.

With so many HOA boards, it stands to reason that some will do their duties better than others. But what's the secret to HOA success? In many cases, it all comes down to who they hire as the association manager.

Not sure how to choose a good manager for your HOA community? Read on to learn more about their skills and responsibilities!

Key Responsibilities

Depending on your HOA's governing documents, an association manager's duties can vary. Some common things they'll be in charge of are:

Policy Implementation

Keeping an HOA community happy involves enforcing board policies. If there are noise complaints, property damage, or other issues, the manager will resolve them. They'll also track and manage all HOA violations.

Association Accounting

An association manager usually takes care of all budgeting and accounting tasks. For instance, they'll create and enforce the association's budget. They'll collect dues and produce monthly financial reports.

Oftentimes, HOA managers will process HOA tax payments and buy the necessary insurance policies. To ensure everything is in order, they'll assist the CPA in producing the annual HOA audit report.

Property Maintenance

An association manager will regularly inspect HOA properties, including shared spaces. If there's a need for repairs, they'll hire the right contractors. They'll also do everything they can to increase HOA property value.

Key Skills

To handle all their duties on time, an association manager needs a specific set of skills. These skills include:

Solid Organization

From attending meetings to managing projects, HOA managers have a lot on their plate. That's why they need organizational skills like goal-setting and strategic planning. Being able to multitask is also a big positive.

Clear Communication

Most of an association manager's tasks involve communication. Whether they're talking with homeowners or contractors, they must make their case clear. As such, an HOA manager must be an effective communicator.

On a similar note, membership management involves some customer service skills. If someone raises a concern, they must respond on time. While doing so, they should maintain a positive attitude.

Property Knowledge

A good manager will know whether they can enforce certain rules or not. They'll have both local knowledge and real estate experience. They'll also be aware of all relevant local, state, and federal laws.


The actions of the association manager reflect on the HOA board. A good manager will be aware of this and stay professional at all times. This includes staying calm when navigating and resolving conflict situations.

Being a Good Association Manager

Hiring the right association manager is one of the best things any HOA board can do. The more tasks you throw at them, the more important it is that they can handle it. This guide will help you figure out what to expect from them!

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