Community Association Management Companies: Supporting Community Associations

Community Association Management Companies: Supporting Community Associations

Community associations are a growing trend that is proving valuable for local communities that want to set some internal ground rules and maintain a standard in the area. They allow homeowners to feel good about the place they live and not worry about someone in the area causing a disruption. That's why it's no surprise that the number of associations is expected to grow by at least 3,000 this year.

However, running an association is easier said than done. Many communities opt to hire professional community association management companies to get help. Here is what you can expect for support when hiring one.

Governance Assistance

Setting the rules for a community is one of the most challenging parts of community association management. You'll deal with countless varying opinions and may need guidance on what direction to go.

Luckily, an experienced HOA manager will understand this and know how to handle the situation. You can expect them to help your community set ground rules and ensure they are enforced fairly for everyone.

HOA Maintenance Help

Communities need a lot of maintenance, especially if you have a lot of shared areas. You have gardens, small parks, clubhouses, pools, and other amenities to care for.

HOA property management will help you manage these things. They will ensure all the property in the community receives care, preventative maintenance, and prompt attention when something goes wrong.

Education Resources

Board members have a lot on their plate and much to learn when participating in community governance. And if this is your first time doing it, you'll start from scratch and may struggle to get updated.

Professional management can provide educational resources for people of all levels of experience. Under their guidance, community members can learn more about HOA board duties and work to build an efficient HOA.

Time-Saving Resources

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to dedicate to their community. They are busy with work and social life, so taking extra time for HOA duties doesn't make sense.

Luckily, the required hours from the community get reduced when they use a professional service. Your HOA fees will go to paying the people who help, so they will take on a lot of the hard work to ensure community members don't get overwhelmed with HOA duties.

Financial Help

Running an HOA isn't just about maintaining community rules and infrastructure. It's also about allocating the HOA budget to ensure everything gets paid for.

But HOA financing can get complicated if you don't have a financial background. Working with an experienced community association manager helps you manage your community's books.

Find Great Community Association Management Companies

It's not easy to run a community association. You have several different personalities to contend with, awkward interactions when there is a dispute between neighbors, and countless other struggles. Don't hesitate to look at community association management companies for help managing your HOA to ensure you have everything you need to have a great neighborhood.

If you're ready to hire an HOA management company for your community, feel free to reach out. At PMI PHX SW, we offer association management services to help with financials, maintenance, and administration. Contact our experts today to learn what we can offer your community.