HOA Property Management: Enhancing the Quality of Homeowners Associations

HOA Property Management: Enhancing the Quality of Homeowners Associations

Phoenix has one of the highest rates of homeowners living in an HOA neighborhood in the nation. Does that mean that Phoenix homeowners are satisfied with their HOAs across the board?

The short answer is no. As HOAs increase in numbers, we're seeing more signs of frustration from homeowners. Often, complaints have to do with HOA bylaws or the use of HOA fees.

Can HOA property management help? Absolutely, and we're here to explain how. Read on to learn the benefits of accessing expert HOA management strategies.

Increasing Community Involvement

If there seems to be a big disconnect between your HOA board and your community members, repairing those relationships is the first place to start. An HOA community management team can help.

Our HOA experts can make sure that open HOA meetings are well-advertised, held in convenient locations, and appealing to homeowners. Many homeowners have strong opinions about their HOA, but never make them known. HOA meetings are a great place to hold an open forum and find out what your members are looking for.

We can also help to address any complaints or by-law violations in the community. By practicing swift and consistent by-law enforcement, you show your members that you're serious about your community management.

Putting HOA Funds to Good Use

HOA boards hold serious financial responsibility to their community and members. If you're going to charge homeowner fees or dues, you need to use them in a way that supports community well-being.

The majority of HOA funds should cover:

  • Maintenance of public spaces (e.g., parks and sidewalks)
  • Maintenance of community amenities (e.g., pools or gyms)
  • Common utilities (e.g., water and sewage)
  • Emergency costs

Before you consider raising your HOA dues, ask an HOA management company to make sure that you're using your existing funds well. Asking for more money when you're mismanaging your funding will only exacerbate member frustrations.

Ensuring Legal Compliance

HOA board members tend to have other responsibilities outside of their HOA duties. This makes it difficult for the board to prioritize things like legal compliance, especially when the laws are subject to change.

It's also common for board members to underestimate the importance of legal compliance. Failing to follow state and local HOA laws can result in serious fines that can threaten the existence of your HOA.

As HOA experts, we bring legal knowledge to the table. We shape all our guidance and support around legal compliance because we know how much is at stake.

Call PMI PHX SW for HOA Property Management

We may have one of the largest HOA-to-homeowner ratios in the nation here in Phoenix, but that doesn't mean all HOAs are thriving. If you're struggling to secure member satisfaction, it's time to sign up for HOA property management services.

PMI PHX SW is one of the only companies in the area that focuses entirely on community association management. Each of our team members has devoted their professional careers to improving HOA operations and meeting HOA laws. Contact us for better HOA property management support.