Association Property Management Companies: Finding the Ideal Partner for Your Community

Association Property Management Companies: Finding the Ideal Partner for Your Community

With one-third of Arizona's homes in homeowners associations, the need for quality association property management companies is obvious.

When you live in an HOA, you expect to get a particular set of perks. These could be community-centric amenities, extra safety/security, and high property values, among other things. If you're not getting these perks, hiring association management services can help.

Finding the ideal partner for your HOA is a tall order. There are countless HOA managers, so you need to know what separates the mediocre from the best management companies. Keep reading and we'll tell you what ideal property managers look like and what they do to improve your community.

What Do Association Property Management Companies Do?

The very best community managers will handle every aspect of running a homeowners association. They'll work alongside your HOA board of directors and empower homeowners to get what they want out of community living.

On a practical level, they also handle a variety of tasks, including financial management, vendor coordination, and governance. Each of these things plays an important role in how your community functions.

Financial Management

An HOA manager will collect fees from all homeowners, ensuring everyone's paid theirs on time each month. They'll also perform accounting duties to ensure the money is spent wisely, thus keeping fee amounts down.

If you don't have strong accounting, HOA fees won't cover all of the community's needs. When this happens, fees go up and community members become angry.


All HOAs have governing documents that outline the rules and regulations of the community. All HOAs also have residents who don't feel that the rules apply to them.

The HOA manager's job is to make sure the rules are clear and punish those breaking them. Doing so will increase harmony and cohesion in the HOA.

Vendor Coordination

HOA maintenance is important for the comfort and safety of residents. It's also important for HOA values. The better a community looks and feels, the more interest it'll have from outside investors - this drives property values up.

A great HOA manager will bring existing vendor relationships to your HOA. If your HOA needs weekly garbage pickup or seasonal landscaping, a good vendor is a call away for your HOA manager.

How to Find Top Community Management Firms in Phoenix

You now know what a great HOA manager does, so how do you find the perfect one in Phoenix?

Start by looking at online reviews from former HOA clients. These can tell you a great deal about the way an HOA management company operates and if there are any major red flags.

From there, the best thing to do is interview a few different candidates. Find out how they've improved communities in the past and make sure to get quotes so you know how much your community will be spending. Choose the HOA manager that strikes a balance between quality and affordability.

The PMI Difference

For HOA residents in Phoenix, there's only one HOA management company that'll make a real difference. PMI PHX SW is part of one of the nation's top association property management companies. We offer a wide range of HOA services, including everything discussed here.

To learn more about how we'll improve your HOA in 2024, don't hesitate to contact us today for a consultation.